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Tours from Hurghada

Tours, Trips and Activities from Hurghada

Gazelle Crossover is an intimate leading tours customization in the Red Sea. Our Mission is to provide outstanding service to each of our guests and partners. We are specialist in creating unique experiences to explore the desert and the Nile from Aswan in the south to Cairo and Alexandria in the north. The river is lined with ancient cities and monuments, including Luxor, Qena, the Karnak temple complex, the Giza pyramids and the Valley of the Kings. The Egyptian desert has a lot of landmarks like Western Desert including the Black and White Desert, the oases of Faiyum, Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga, and Siwa and the Great Sand Sea. The Eastern Desert famous for its volcanic-rock mountains that run along the Red Sea Coast including monuments such as St. Antony’s and St. Paul’s Monasteries and has One of the famous quarries in the Eastern Desert is the quarry of Mons Claudianus which dates back to the Roman Era.

Private Discovery of Mons Claudiaunus, The Roman City

7 Hours
Availability : By Request

Can you believe that there is a ruin Roman quarry in the heart of the Red Sea desert? Yes, Mons Claudianus was founded in 1st century AD and abandoned in the middle of the 03rd century AD during the Roman Empire.

Hurghada city Tour

Hurghada City Tour

6 Hours
Availability : Everyday

Hurghada City Tour, Take a glimpse of Hurghada’s iconic highlights, see the oldest part with It`s amazing Hurghada Market then Visit the Hurghada Marina.

El gouna city Tour

El Gouna City Tour

Availability : Everyday

El Gouna City Tour is the best way to show you undoubtedly a jewel of the Red Sea coast, a French Riviera or an Italian Venice of Egypt, where beautiful yachts.